Experience Club


 Welcome to our Site!

The Experience Club has been created for exchanging unique experiences of ordinary people who manage to reach the extraordinary.

Among the Members of the Experience Club you can meet both those who only from time to time search for the Adventure and those who do it for life – travelers, adventurers, sportsmen. There are artists and business people here. Each of us is a specialist in his/her own field. We share the same passion – experience the next level limit.

The Experience Club is also a place where new relations are built, new long lasting friendships are born. Most probably because our first rule is simple: we respect each other here.

Each and every Member of the Experience Club can find here something to deepen and broaden his/her interests and what’s the most important – share his/her experience with the other Members.

Sharing experiences is one of the most inspiring and creative activities. That was the reason for establishing The Experience Club.

Now, facing the numerous enquiries and suggestions of our Friends we have decided to share at least a part of our stories in public.

You can see our pictures, watch our movies, read the stories about our trips, expeditions and adventures here. You will find more about our achievements and plans.

Simply, explore our World! And enjoy it.